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Yep thats a burger. A big burger. PM me :D

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Posted by bmxdudleydo - July 17th, 2010

After a long time hiatus from newgrounds, im back!

And im ready to flag bad posts, rate shit, go on the bbs like i used to, or whatever the hell is keepiing me up till 4:1. A.M.

Posted by bmxdudleydo - August 23rd, 2009

Yay, Im a good boy! I Flag abusive reviews and stuffs. I will stay a good boy for emporer Fulp

Lols, But seriously, I was really suprised when I found Out I had a Bronze whistle. It just made me real happy :D

Posted by bmxdudleydo - June 1st, 2009

I found i new game called "Myminicity" Everytime some body clicks on the link below, my population goes up! All you have to do is click it, its soo easy! U don't have to sign up, just click on my link!!!! one click thats all! help me put plzzzzzzzzzzz!


I named my city "Delightoh" fun name :D

Create your own and pm me and ill increase your population!

Posted by bmxdudleydo - April 18th, 2009

So I get wendys for me and my bro , and my skinny ass brother decides to get the BACONATOR! I just get some fries, as i am not that hungry. I get home, my brother undoes the wraping to the burger only to find out.....No bacon. The baconator has no bacon.....Is it just a "Nator"?

I i finish my fries and run to my room qiuckly to get my camera, so i can take a pic. I look for my camera (Which took about 3 mins.) and i run to the kitchen only to find out my brother actualy ate ther burger with no bacon xD. I was going to take a pic t5o show you guys, but I didn't do it in time :(.

So instead of a picter of a baconless baconator, Heres Fat/fluffy Kitty! :D

Baconless baconator!

Posted by bmxdudleydo - January 14th, 2009

when i found out about newgrounds, i didnt create an account until 9 months later (today lol). i made it to post a comment (lol).some now im asking this.Did u create a newgrounds account right when you found out about newgrounds,or did u wait for some unown reason?Also why did you create a NG account?i created mine to wright a review on some song.