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I really dig the music! IT fit the flash perfectly. Unfortunatly, the idea has already been done before.

I hope to see more from you soon!

XiruX responds:

Thank you for your review. And yes when i came up with the idea i thought somone else had already done it for sure, but i still made it.. And yes you will hear from me soon!!

I was really impressed, especially for your age. Great animation, I loved the mouth moving, it seemed so fluent.

One thing I would suggest is not using memes. Some people dont get them, and they can be a bit immature.

One question though, did you use any motion tweens, or is this all frame by frame?

Yusuf responds:

I used a motion tween on the orange shirt guy when he fell, on the whole burrito sequence, and on the red shirt guys arm when he snatched the burrito. I also used motion tweens on the body, head, and arms in the run cycle (not the legs though). Everything else is frame-by-frame. Thanks!


Now I know what to expect from reach

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I really enjoyed it, great first game on your part! A few things to consider if you re-release this or have a future project
-When I press down the screen scrolls down. the down arrow isn't used, but it caused me to die a few times due to mis-pressing it.
-When I click off the screen, I cant click back into the game, so the arrow keys don't do anything until I refresh the page.
-This sorta feels like a techdemo rather then a game. Try fleshing it out. Now that you've got the basic platforming mechanics down, maybe you could try implementing something that makes yours unique!

Good luck!

BobieThe11th responds:

Thanks bro! i have noticed all of those things and i will make sure to fix them in the next projects...

Isnt there a phone game exactly like this? Its alright. I just wished you would have added your own little twist on to it.

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bboyflash responds:

Yes, actually i have another fulltime job and just for my hobby, i made this game wich i actually enjoyed on my phone, more like a technical challenge. Thanks for playing!

This concept had already been explored in the game "Rom hack fail" which isn't on Newgrounds, but it should be easy to find.

I don't know if you guys found that game and decided to add your own little twist on it, but I really do like it!

What I don't like is that I cant change the quality.

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So talented

I'm always so surprised at how well made these tracks are.
Your very very talented, in both animating and music.

I don't want to sound creepy,but I see amazing things in your future Yotam.

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Man, i feel like im in a trippy cyber space wonderland when listening to this. And then, around the middle of the song, it starts to get all fast paced!

Perfect mixture for a song. Slow, then fast,then slow, THEN FASTER!

I love your songs, and i am definatly going to put this on my i-pod. amazing job waterflame, Your the BEST music artist on newgrounds!

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Waterflame responds:

awesome :D thank you! =D

It was good.

I enjoyed all the dialouge in the song it added a twist. I also liked how you made it fast, but it slowed down at times.

This song makes you feel focoused. It makes you want to run away from all your thoughts and just focus on one thing. And yes, this is a good thing. I enjoyed it alot

Amazingn jbo bro

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EoD696 responds:

Thanks a bunch!

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Very good!

Its like im on some weird drug that my freind gave me at a party the other night but Iwas to hungover to rem-- oh sorry, Im supposed to be reviewing this, arent I?

This Peice of art is an art of the cosmic circle. It is very admirable, and can make you feel happy. It is something I would love to see in an art musuem. But for now, its on the art muesuem we call newgrounds. Im suprised this peice of art doesnt have many reviews. It is perfect. Every detail is done perfect! The rings around the middle are superb! And even the little things (BLue dots in backround) are done amazingly good!

Im sure you put alot of time to make this! I hope you become more well known, u have talent!

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Chronamut responds:

art doesnt get much attantion once it leaves the front page yet.. as there are no charts...

and ya I put a few hours into it :)

and yes becomnig more well known is always good - im pretty well known for audio for art would be good as well :)

thanks for the review!



Its kinda cute :3

Though the hands were a little weird and the body was a tad bit off

Yep thats a burger. A big burger. PM me :D

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